Kineton Summer Fete – 7th July (TIMETABLE CHANGES)

The Kineton Summer Fete will be held this year at Kineton Primary School, 7th July, 12 to 4pm.

Free entry for all.

Friends of KPS need volunteers for the Summer Fete on Saturday 7th July 12-4pm. Even if you can just give 1 hour of your time, we will be extremely grateful! The money raised will go towards funding a new cooking area for the school. Please let the office know if you can help.

There will be competitions, refreshments, tom bolas, BBQ food, plant stall, inflatable slide, cycle course, face painting and crock smash.

Due to England’s recent success in the World Cup the timetable for the Summer Fete has changed, for the new timetable see below.

Schedule for the day

12:15pm – Royal Themed Fancy Dress Parade

12:45pm – Years 3 & 4 performance

1:15pm – Maypole Dancing

1:40pm – Year 5 & 6 performance

1:45pm – United Dance

2:45pm – Carmina

The cake competition winners will be announced just before 12:45pm.





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